Personal Consultancy provides a complete solution to identifying, exploring issues, coupled with targeted planning to address them and create the life you want to live

My experience of therapy was that I gained lots of insight into the way I was behaving and the background to it, but I didn’t have a plan to address it going forward, this is where personal consultancy is invaluable.

What is personal consultancy?

What is personal consultancy?

Personal Consultancy is a recent model and the basis behind the MSc and post graduate qualification provided by the University of East London.

It combines therapy and coaching to provide a blended service that can help deal with any issues or goals in a more complete way.  Although the model is defined, the theories and ways of working within it are not, so it provides a truly integrative way of working.

Coaching is typically based around the present and the future, whilst therapy focuses on the past and the present.  Utilising the personal consultancy model we can work together on all aspects of your life that are impacting your present and your future reality, in a way that works for you, for your maximum benefit.

How it works

How it works

Utilising many therapeutic and coaching models within the PC framework, we can work together raising insight AND devising a way forward from that insight.

Or in instances where you feel stuck, we can look at the origins to be able to unstick or to generate those lightbulb moments where our brain starts to make connections and reasons.

I also include neuropsychology within this approach to provide an understanding of what is happening in our brains and, most importantly, whether these actions and thoughts are conscious. 

Beating yourself up about thoughts triggered through the unconscious is typical but actually very unhelpful, although personal accountability is also part of the work.

Included in personal consultancy is work on increasing positive self-regard.  Lasting change and increased mental well being requires a level of personal acceptance of self which is key and we will work together to address any areas which are problematic.

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Working alongside you to help identify and address difficulties you are facing

Personal consultancy

Combining  therapy and coaching to deal with issues or goals in a more complete way

Relationship therapy

Working with you to manage issues and create long lasting, happy relationships

Psychosexual therapy

Providing a safe, non-judgemental space where you can explore your issues in and around sex

Individual coaching

Clarifying, planning and helping you work towards and achieve your goals

Gemma guided me through facing my trauma, removing abusive people from my life and seeing what I really had to offer. She helped me build sustainable boundaries, to take care of myself and make the right choices for me. I will always have depression but I now have the tools to cope with it and take care of my wellbeing. I know what my limits are and what boundaries I need to have. Gemma genuinely cares, I knew she really cared about helping me and truly empathised with my pain. She’s compassionate but straightforward, her methods absolutely clicked for me

T, Personal Consultancy Client

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