Helping you create a well-being strategy that benefits your business and your staff alike, with the aim of reducing existing issues and addressing potential problems before they occur.

A facilitated well-being programme is an opportunity for you and your employees to explore issues which are problematic to them both professionally, personally and as part of a team and create a plan to address and manage them.

Creating or enhancing a well-being programme can be time consuming and may not provide the results you were hoping for.  Feedback from staff often highlights initiatives implemented without consultation and policy changes are not consistently implemented.

What we do.

What we do.

What we do.

Consulting with you and your staff to identify your unique requirements for well-being and engagement within your organisation and which are relevant to your staff.

With over 30 years’ experience in management roles in the Financial Services Industry, coupled with psychology and psychotherapeutic expertise, we can collaborate to help you create a well-being strategy that benefits your business and staff alike with the aim of reducing existing issues and avoiding future problems, whilst increasing engagement and well-being.

Individual well-being workshops and seminars

Individual well-being workshops and seminars

Where you have an effective well-being provision in place, facilitated sessions on a specific topics have been shown to provide benefits in prompting discussion and identifying solutions to address issues.

Although you understand that well-being is a priority, you do not necessarily have the time (or funds) to spend on week long courses and regular programmes; this is where facilitated well-being sessions can be an effective solution.

These sessions cover topics such as anxiety, negative self-talk, effective self-care, managing change, overwhelm, managing triggers, identifying talents and transferable skills and development planning.

Bespoke sessions can be created to cover issues or situations relevant to your business.  They can be delivered face to face on-site, off-site or online.

Well-being programmes

Well-being programmes

A lot of companies give the responsibility for well-being to one or more members of staff.

However, this is where the programme stops.  It may be that you have a mental health first aider in place or that someone is trying to create well-being programmes for your business which are not having the desired effect.

This is not due to the enthusiasm of the person responsible, but more likely relates to their experience in this space.

We work with you and your teams to create a programme which can be delivered by your appointed well-being co-ordinator.

Initially we discuss with management the core values of the Company, the company mission, the budget available and the implementation timescales.  We then meet with members of staff to identify existing initiatives, individual needs, issues currently being experienced and desired outcomes, which will drive the design of the programme.  .

We can then work with your designated team member to create a well-being provision relevant to you business and your staff with the relevant documentation and policies in place.  To assist with this design we can run facilitated sessions relevant to your needs or design bespoke sessions if required.

There is a follow-up after 3 months to determine the effectiveness of the programme and to ascertain if there are any changes required or any additional training is required and to assist with the creation of metrics to measure programme success.

A final review will take place 6 months after implementation where the well-being provision will be formally handed over to the relevant staff or team members.

Frequent feedback on well-being initiatives is that the words are set by the top but that management do not demonstrate or encourage the policies which are in place which creates a feeling of dissatisfaction within the workforce.  I can work with you to ensure that any initiative is appropriately created and effectively implemented.

Well-Being Provision

Identifying your unique requirements in relation to staff engagement and well-being.

Team Engagement

Increasing employee engagement in a way that is inclusive, empowering but aligned with your business strategy.

Corporate Individual Coaching

Developing leadership skills which are relevant to the teams you manage

Group Coaching

Addressing issues within teams or working with groups of staff

Employee Assistance

Improving the mental health of your staff – which can reduce absences and have a positive impact on performance

"I was interested and encouraged to attend a seminar led by Gemma on managing triggers, self and others alongside a handful of London based colleagues. It provided constructive pause for reflection as to what types of interpersonal interactions, scenarios and sensory stimuli tend to trigger heightened emotional responses in me. The point of noticing and being curious about them is that it can help one manage them better and become more sensitive to other people's triggers and one's responses to them. Gemma was compassionate, discreet and practiced guide and I'm delighted that she has kindly agreed to share more of her expertise and time with us by delivering further staff seminars."

CM, Chief of Staff, HSBC

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