Helping relationships that are stuck in deadlock or not moving the way you would like

Working on developing relationship skills will improve the dynamics of all of your relationships. Relationship therapy can be used for any type of relationships that you have in your life, for example a mother and daughter can use therapy to improve their relationship, as well as the traditional therapy between people within romantic relationships.

What is relationship therapy?

What is relationship therapy?

Relationships can be difficult.  Issues with communication, past experiences and life stress can impact your relationship.

Relationship therapy is very different from 1:1 therapy.  The work is with the relationship itself rather than the members within it.

Think of it as a living, breathing organism.  During sessions I remain aware of the quality of the relationship and work with those in that relationship to create conditions and help you to bring about changes which improves your relationship and creates a strong and successful outcome.

Alternatively, where you decide to split, relationship therapy can help smooth the transition.

How is it beneficial?

Relationship therapy can assist where there are positions of deadlock or your relationship is not moving in the direction that you would like.

The approach is integrated which means that there will be a variety of techniques and tools that you can utilise to improve your relationship and gain a deeper understanding of each other.

Relationship therapy take significant work but when all parties are committed to make any changes and work on specific issues, the benefits of the relationship can be immense with a greater connection and enjoyment between you.

How it works

How it works

This type of therapy is more directive than 1:1 work.  Great care is taken to ensure each party has an equal opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings.

There is no judgement and no taking sides, the purpose is to recreate, a relationship that benefits both parties with a deeper understanding.

Relationship sessions are less frequent than traditional sessions, occurring every 2-3 weeks and lasting 90 minutes. 

This allows us the time to explore and develop ideas, allowing an equal time for each member of the relationship.

There is also a single 60-minute individual session for each member of the couple which are conducted after the first full session.

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Combining  therapy and coaching to deal with issues or goals in a more complete way

Relationship therapy

Working with you to manage issues and create long lasting, happy relationships

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Clarifying, planning and helping you work towards and achieve your goals

I felt very comfortable speaking to you, didn’t feel judged in anyway and felt you was very fair to both of us, also I feel every exercise etc we did in session and out was very helpful and we still use certain techniques now. I feel so much happier in myself and can communicate so much better with my partner now

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