Employee assistance can help to improve the mental health of your staff which in turn reduces absences and can have a positive impact on performance

If you have members of staff who are managing complex issues and require 1:1 psychotherapy, I can provide this service to you. I work with a number of occupational health companies and with businesses direct to provide support where it is needed. I provide high quality therapeutic services which assist and empower your staff to overcome difficulties.

How it works

How it works

I work with your team member using telephone, online, face to face or walking therapy to provide bespoke integrated support which can help them to address their issues in a safe, supportive environment.

I have specific experience of diagnosed mental health conditions such as Borderline personality disorder, ADHD, Anxiety disorder, Bipolar (I and II) and also neurodivergent conditions.

There is no direct reporting of the issues covered in session but I can work with your staff member to help them identify any assistance they may need to operate effectively in their role.

Well-Being Provision

Identifying your unique requirements in relation to staff engagement and well-being.

Team Engagement

Increasing employee engagement in a way that is inclusive, empowering but aligned with your business strategy.

Corporate Individual Coaching

Developing leadership skills which are relevant to the teams you manage

Group Coaching

Addressing issues within teams or working with groups of staff

Employee Assistance

Improving the mental health of your staff – which can reduce absences and have a positive impact on performance

“Thank you for helping me to find me again, not just mediocre me, but the new improved me. I know it’s me that has changed, but with your great help and input”

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