Individual preferences and experiences can impair management and impact individual performance downstream. I provide bespoke solutions to enhance team performance and development.

Employee engagement may need a targeted engagement experience that is inclusive, empowering but aligned with your business strategy. Investing in engagement sessions can be useful when you are undertaking a restructure or implementing business change.

How it works.

How it works

Employee engagement sessions are usually a half or full day and will be bespoke to your business.

Although sessions are facilitated, it is important that at least some of the management attend these sessions to work with the teams. This is always shown to increase engagement but also provides an opportunity to really understand the value of your staff and how you can maximise their potential as a collective to deliver outstanding results for your company.

All programmes are designed with your business in mind where everyone can feel heard and valued.

Well-Being Provision

Identifying your unique requirements in relation to staff engagement and well-being.

Team Engagement

Increasing employee engagement in a way that is inclusive, empowering but aligned with your business strategy.

Corporate Individual Coaching

Developing leadership skills which are relevant to the teams you manage

Group Coaching

Addressing issues within teams or working with groups of staff

Employee Assistance

Improving the mental health of your staff – which can reduce absences and have a positive impact on performance

Gemma’s extensive corporate experience allows her to put theories into meaningful context and her seminars tend to feel like open discussions on interesting and profoundly relevant subject matters. Well worth attending

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