Coaching can be hugely beneficial in times of business change, to facilitate successful employee development, enhance leadership skills and to increase engagement and retention.

Coaching can be provided on either a group or an individual basis. Each approach has specific benefits and we can discuss which is best for your business, your goals and your employees, ensuring maximum return on investment.

Group coaching

Group Coaching

Group sessions provide the benefits of group working (collaboration, idea sharing and normalising concerns), whilst providing the ability to set individual goals and implementation plans, using the unique skills of each employee, but within the values and ethos of your Company.

Group working also promotes team cohesion and encourages interaction and co-operation outside of the coaching space which in turn can enhance engagement and employee satisfaction.

The group dynamic can be useful for participants for support throughout the journey and for idea generation when creating goals.

Group coaching can take place face to face or virtually at a frequency that aligns with your business requirements.

Group coaching typically takes place over 5-6 sessions over a maximum of 6 months.

Group Coaching can also be beneficial for the senior team to understand diverse opinions and skill sets and work collectively to determine company values, behavioural expectations and company culture.

Group coaching can be beneficial for addressing issues within teams or working with groups of staff on similar issues or goals relating to development or performance.

Executive coaching

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching undertaken on a 1:1 basis provides a targeted benefit to your staff and their development.

Individual coaching can be used to motivate and develop high talent individuals to progress them through the management structure, whilst ensuring they develop all the appropriate skills required.

Coaching is also beneficial where certain elements of leadership skills require development, such as effective people management or project planning and oversight.

For those already in senior roles, executive coaching can provide a neutral space to develop clarity on strategic direction and to explore the implications of change programmes, with consideration to specific skill requirements and implementation measures, or to address problematic areas such as work/life balance.  

Coaching can also be beneficial to support staff through periods of organisational change and restructuring, including helping them manage redundancy or significant changes to aspects of their role. 

It can also be used to specifically identify transferable talents and skills which could be utilised better and improve efficiency and effectiveness.

It is important to agree the remit of the sessions prior to commencement, to ensure that both your company, and the employee gain the maximum benefit from the sessions.

Sessions are undertaken either virtually or face to face and are delivered as a number of 90 minute sessions or 1-3 half day coaching workshop sessions.

Well-Being Provision

Identifying your unique requirements in relation to staff engagement and well-being.

Team Engagement

Increasing employee engagement in a way that is inclusive, empowering but aligned with your business strategy.

Corporate Individual Coaching

Developing leadership skills which are relevant to the teams you manage

Group Coaching

Addressing issues within teams or working with groups of staff

Employee Assistance

Improving the mental health of your staff – which can reduce absences and have a positive impact on performance

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